Material: Non-woven fabric
Size:  2 x 8 cm / 4.72 x3.15 in
Color: White
Quantity: 100 pieces in one package




Why should I buy it?
-Filter masks help protect you from larger particulates, which are inhalable particles of toxic materials like sand, dust, ash, construction site materials, airborne toxins and more.

-These can filter particles as small as 0.007 microns – 10 times smaller than viruses, and much, much smaller than PM2.5.
-They work surprisingly well at filtering 0.1 micron, virus-sized particles.



-The filters can be used in respirators and medical masks to allow the user to breathe comfortably.
-As the mask filter gets clogged, it becomes more difficult to breathe. When this occurs, throw it out and use a new on

2.5 Activated Carbon Filter for Mask (100 Pieces)

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